Scott Free Racing, Florida!

Scott Free Racing

Scott Free Racing traveled to the southern most tip of the United States in Key West, FL to compete with teams from all over the country for the World Championship. This race is the final stop on the Super Boat International Circuit and is the biggest race of the year with over 100,000 people in attendance. The Key West race is a three race format and can be very tricky to come out on top. The Scott Free Racing Team started the week off with a 2nd & 3rd place finish which put them tied for 2nd place going into the final day. The team had a great start on the final day and lead the entire race until an outdrive failure cause the team to drop out of the race with four laps to go. The team still managed to earn enough points to finish 2nd overall for the week, which was a huge achievement. You will see the Scott Free Racing Team next in Englewood, FL for the OPA World Championships November 18-20.