Classic Boat Lift

Classic Boat Lifts

Our Boat Floater Classic model boat lift was originally designed in 1974.  This boat lift model has Boat Floater designed polyethylene tanks carrying a limited lifetime warranty. The steel components of the boat lift are galvanized above the water guarding against rust and marine growth.  The Classic Model boat lift is unique in that it travels forward as it travels up so you can accommodate a longer boat in a shorter boat slip or stall.

The lift does not move in the “up”  position whatsoever so your boat will not bob up and down, bounce, or move side to side which makes it the ideal boat lift for rough water.  The lift travels up and down on Boat Floater nylon rollers which assure quiet operation.  The dock brackets on the boat lift weights in at 38 lbs, more than twice as much as our nearest competitor.

The Boat Floater designed control unit is user friendly and Boat Floater makes it easy to position your boat perfectly every time.  You will own your Boat Floater lift for 30 years or more so we make it easy to adapt to a vee bottom boat, pontoon or tritoon boat, tunnel hull boat or inboard boat.  More capacity may be added by adding a tank.